More About Me

Hi, I wanted to introduce myself a little more.

I have lived in Sammamish for 20 years now after moving here from the Midwest. My 2 children went through the Sammamish schools and graduated from Skyline High School.

I grew up on Long Island NY, went to college and then joined the military right afterwards. I worked active and reserve as an Air Force Intelligence Officer until I retired as a Major after 20 years. In my day job, I do cybersecurity & cyberfraud investigation for tech companies. I am a private investigator and hypnotherapist. I also teach martial arts, self-defense and stage combat (sword fighting like in the movies!).

My background in Program Management and working with government organizations has shown me that getting things done is about being able to work with a diverse set of people toward common goals. I am not interested in ideology but just results. If this is what you are looking for in City Council member then please consider me for Position 5.